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Alumni Boat at Head of the Schuylkill

On October 25 9 Alumni rowers/coxswain rowed in the Men’s Open 8+ race at the Head of the Schuylkill regatta in Philadelphia. This was the third attempt, and thankfully a successful one, the first two having been cancelled due to poor weather.  It’s always encouraging to see alumni keep rowing after they leave Chicago.

The rowers are: Rebecca Calvert, Albert Bowers, Mike McGowan, Matt Healy, Adam Woodward, David Mapley, Seth Hillbrand, Greg Prince, and Chris Phillips

There are two picture galleries available here and here.

If you’re interested in participating in or organizing a boat for a future race, leave a comment below!


Rent-A-Rower Fundraiser

Dear Alumni,

Next Saturday, November 22, is our first fundraiser of the year, Rent-A-Rower. We will be hiring out rowers and coxswains in Hyde Park and Chicago to do household chores and projects to raise money for upcoming racing seasons. There is a minimum of $80 per job ($10 an hour for one rower, with at least two rowers and four hours per job.

If you are in the area and need someone to paint, clean, or move furniture, please email me, Alina Wieckowski, at

Thank you,
Team Fundraising Chair