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January Alumni Erg Challenge–now with fundraising!

I hope that everyone is having a great holiday. But the holidays inevitably bring the food and we all know what that means. What better way to get back down to your fighting weight than some fun old-fashioned erging? It’s time again for the January Virtual Team Challenge. This year, it’s nose to the grindstone, serious competition (sort of). Of course, as always, we’re happy to have you at any meter tally. Since we’ve had this going four years now, our goal is to turn it into a fundraising opportunity for the team. For those on the list who are new to it, the basic idea is that you erg however many meters you erg and log it on the Concept 2 website as part of the “U Chicago Alumni Crew” virtual team. We compete against other virtual teams. This year, hopefully, we’ll compete against the U Chicago Crew’s virtual team. You will need to make sure you sign up for the challenge in your online profile. This year will be a special erg challenge against the rowers of the team. We’ll pitch our total meters against theirs. There are a couple ways to donate money if you are interested: 1) pledge an amount for each kilometer the team surpasses our total (if they do), or 2) a flat amount if the team surpasses our combined total. You’ll have until January 15th to sign up, and I’d like to get as many people as possible participating this year!

Interesting to see what alumni can do against spritely young rowers, no?  If you’re new, you can find info about creating an account, etc at the following URL:
Please pass on info about the event to any others you might think would be interested and whose names are not on the list. All you really need to do this is a computer and a gym pass. Competition begins on January 1st and I expect to see some high meter totals. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or if  you want to be removed from the list.

Happy New Year!