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You can’t escape the erg.

A funny little video. I know we’ve all felt this way before!


The results are in!

This year saw one of the most successful virtual team challenges ever. On the alumni side we had 15 participants–much more than at any time before–who together rowed 1,477,852 meters, where we placed 50th out of 250 teams. Not too shabby for our little team! Big thanks again go to Matt Healy, Andy Soyring, and Albert Bowers, who logged the most meters for our team. Us old folks have drive. With only 702,380 meters the student team wasn’t quite able to match our total, but in all fairness they had far fewer rowers participating. Together both teams rowed 2,180,232 meters!

This year’s event was held with a fundraising goal as well. So far we only have a few people who have pledged support and we are a little shy of the $1000 fundraising goal I set for this challenge. I know these are tough economic times, so any small amount you can donate would be much appreciated. All procedes collected from this year’s event will be placed in the new Alumni Fund, which will help form a new financial basis for the team and provide money in support of the team’s activities, including events for alumni. Please send checks directly to the team, written out to “University of Chicago Crew”. Remember to write January Erg Challenge in the memo line so we know who to thank!  Al checks can be mailed to:

University of Chicago Gerald Ratner Center
5530 S. Ellis, Rm 141
Chicago, IL 60637

The team will also be participating in the the Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships on February 28th. If you’re in the area and can stop by to cheer them on or even provide goodies to the rowers, please do!

Thanks for all your support!