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How did it go?

If you were at this past weekend’s alumni events, please leave a note in the comments for this post about your experience.  What was it like? How was the weather/food/rowing/friends? What are your thoughts on the current team? How do you like being back in a boat, have the blisters healed yet?

Better yet, if you have any pictures, either leave a link in the comments or send them to me and I’ll post them here!

Inquiring minds want to know!


Last minute details

The alumni row and bbq is tomorrow!

Important times: (9 AM) If you will meet us at the site,
please meet us at 9 AM for the row.  There should  be parking
(if you are driving) available on the streets.

(8AM): If you are coming with us from Hyde Park to the site,
we are leaving at 8AM, because we need to rig.  Meet us at
Henry Crown, 56th and University intersection.

ADDRESS: Again, the address of the site is at Eleanor and
Loomis, Chicago.  Mapquesting or Google Maps is your best
ticket on directions there if you are driving yourself.

We will return directly to Hyde Park after the row.  The BBQ
is scheduled for 1 pm at the Point.  All are invited.

Finally, it is likely to rain on Saturday (70% chance) so
bring the appropriate clothing and lots of socks (extra other
clothing as well.)

The Alumni Row & BBQ is this Weekend!

Already we have ten people RSVP’d that they will attend, so this is sure to be a fun event. Make sure you don’t miss out! When’s the last time you were in a boat? Now is the perfect chance to get outside, have some fun and most importantly…free food! This will be a great opportunity to catch up with old teammates and see what the “yung’uns” are like these days. You will not be disappointed.

RSVP today!