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Head of the Schuylkill Results

Alumni Eight at Head of the Schuylkill 2009

Alumni Eight at Head of the Schuylkill 2009. Top row (l-r): Chris Phillips, Dan Carney, Jeff Hreben, Matt Healy, Mike McGowan, Chris Noto. Bottom row: Albert Bowers, Seth Hillbrand, Lissa Krawczyk.

This past weekend an alumni men’s eight competed in the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Philadelphia, PA.  Through wet conditions and a rapid warm up on the way to the start, our boat crossed the finish line with a time of 16:54, coming in 29th out of 30 (beating University of Delaware). Not bad considering we were racing all young-uns. The official lineup from stern to bow:

Lissa Krawczyk (cox), AB’03
Albert Bowers, AB’01
Mike McGowan, AB’03
Matt Healy, Brooks’99
Chris Noto, SB’01
Dan Carney, AB’01
Jeff Hreben, AB’05
Chris Phillips, AB’02
Seth Hillbrand, AB’00

Great job everyone, and special thanks to Lissa for stepping up on short notice!

Is there a race somewhere you’d like to organize an alumni boat for racing? Let us know!


Head of the Charles results

A quick update from the team:

A quick update from this weekend- three boats were sent to
the Head of the Charles.  The Varsity Men 4+ came in 5th in
the collegiate division, missing 3rd place by about 2

The varsity Women took 3rd in the collegiate competition.

The lightweight men took 12th in the lightweight champs

All of these boats were raced in our pair of newly purchased
pocock 4+s.

We would also like to thanks the Nielsons and the Cookes for
housing rowers during the event.  They went way above simple
kindness, and we appreciate dearly the kindness we received.

We would also like to thank the alumni and friends who
supported us during the race (especially during the horrible
weather conditions on Sunday).  We could not have done it
without your support.

Thank you,

Christopher Quintos

That’s amazing! I remember the time when we were happy to place in the top half. Now we have boats earning medals.  There are some amazing things happening on the water down there in Chicago, and remember that alumni support helps this happen!

Speaking of which, don’t forget that there will be an alumni men’s eight competing this weekend at the Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia. If you’re able, brave the cold rain and come on out and cheer us on!