Monthly Archives: January 2010

One million meters!

Will lasers fit on a boat?

We have once again passed the one million meter mark! Currently standing at 1,013,358 meters. There are only 4 days left in the challenge, so keep up the good work everyone. Let’s squeeze out a few more meters from these old legs!


The alumni site is dead…long live the alumni site!

The original alumni website, hosted through my graduate department’s server, has finally been erased after nearly eight years of faithful service.

[sheds single tear]

I suppose it had to happen eventually, but it is sad to see an old friend go. Once I get around to it, I’ll figure out a way to get more pictures up and some of the information that was still residing on the old site.

If you have any suggestions for things to add to this site, let me know. Otherwise, keep erging!

JVTC Update #2

Over two weeks down and over 700,000 meters so far! This leaves just 11 days to break 1 million. Let’s keep up the good work everyone!

JVTC update

So far the alumni have logged over 400K as of this morning! We’re well on our way to breaking the 1 million meter mark. Heck, maybe we should go for 2 this year!
There’s still time to join and be a part of this event. If you have joined, start logging those meters!

Have you signed up yet?

The January Virtual Erg Challenge is underway! We have 8 people signed up so far. Let’s get a few more.

So the challenge is under way and the alumni team is boasting a respectable 8 members at present. If you’ve signed up to be on the team double check to make sure that you’re signed up for the challenge itself as well. This option is under the “challenges” tab on your logbook. If you’re not signed up for the alumni team, well, what’s wrong with you? Get cracking.
Last year we put together 750km. I think that this year we should aim for at least 1 million meters. We’ve got the numbers to do it, even with Matt Healy weighing us down. Right, best of luck to you all!