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Another medal at ACRAs

The lightweight varsity men have done it again, placing 2nd this past weekend at ACRAs. They lost to the University of Michigan by a mere 3 seconds, with a final total time of 6:45.7. The boat was composed of third years John Kohler, Sasha Ostapenko, Kenny Oshita, and Emily Lo (coxswain), and second year Dhruv Kedar. This is the same boat that took third at Dad Vails the previous week. See a video of their final race here.

The rest of the team also had excellent performances! The varsity women’s boat placed third in heats to compete in semi-finals and then fifth to go on to the petite finals. Their boat, composed entirely of lightweights, competed in the heavyweight category and represented UChicago Crew well. The varsity women’s boat was made up of third year Aurelie Merlo, and second years Sophia Arabadjis, Emily Chen, Sarah Granger, and Anna Arsenault (coxswain).
Both of our novice boats had good races as well. The novice men’s boat, made up of first years John Fallon, Alex Murray, Hans Glick, Matt Xu, and Garrett Chado (coxswain) fought their way into semi-finals and moved on to the petite finals. The novice women’s boat, filled by third year Krista Kaput, and first years Erin Ferguson, Won Huh, Kathy Stewart and Rachel Richman (coxswain) moved on from heats to petite finals where they came in second in their heat. It was a great weekend for racing for everyone!
Don’t forget, the alumni row and BBQ is coming up this weekend! If you weren’t able to sign up on-line, please shoot me an e-mail if you are able to attend. The BBQ will be held at the point on Saturday from 2-4pm. The row will be held at our rowing site on Sunday morning, 8:30am-11am. If you have any questions or comments about either of these events, please let me know!
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Team takes medal at Dad Vail Regatta

GREAT NEWS! The UChicago men’s varsity lightweight four placed third at the Dad Vail Regatta with a time of 6:46.56. This is the first Chicago boat to medal at Vails in around 30 years. I have heard rumors that the last boat(s) to do this may have been back in the late seventies or early eighties. Way to go guys!!! This is a major accomplishment and something worth celebrating at the annual Row & BBQ this year. Remember, that’s June 4-5 this year.

You can view a photo album of this year’s Dad Vail races here.

Additional pictures

There are additional pictures of the Alumni Boat from the Head of the Schuylkill race over at the Sportgraphics website.

Head of the Schuylkill Results

Alumni Eight at Head of the Schuylkill 2009

Alumni Eight at Head of the Schuylkill 2009. Top row (l-r): Chris Phillips, Dan Carney, Jeff Hreben, Matt Healy, Mike McGowan, Chris Noto. Bottom row: Albert Bowers, Seth Hillbrand, Lissa Krawczyk.

This past weekend an alumni men’s eight competed in the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta in Philadelphia, PA.  Through wet conditions and a rapid warm up on the way to the start, our boat crossed the finish line with a time of 16:54, coming in 29th out of 30 (beating University of Delaware). Not bad considering we were racing all young-uns. The official lineup from stern to bow:

Lissa Krawczyk (cox), AB’03
Albert Bowers, AB’01
Mike McGowan, AB’03
Matt Healy, Brooks’99
Chris Noto, SB’01
Dan Carney, AB’01
Jeff Hreben, AB’05
Chris Phillips, AB’02
Seth Hillbrand, AB’00

Great job everyone, and special thanks to Lissa for stepping up on short notice!

Is there a race somewhere you’d like to organize an alumni boat for racing? Let us know!

In case you were wondering…

If you’ve never been to a row & bbq before, you can view pictures of past events here:

Also, I almost forgot to mention the fact that every year, after the bbq we traditionally retire to Jimmy’s to continue the revelrie. Let’s not forget that!

Alumni Boat at Head of the Schuylkill

On October 25 9 Alumni rowers/coxswain rowed in the Men’s Open 8+ race at the Head of the Schuylkill regatta in Philadelphia. This was the third attempt, and thankfully a successful one, the first two having been cancelled due to poor weather.  It’s always encouraging to see alumni keep rowing after they leave Chicago.

The rowers are: Rebecca Calvert, Albert Bowers, Mike McGowan, Matt Healy, Adam Woodward, David Mapley, Seth Hillbrand, Greg Prince, and Chris Phillips

There are two picture galleries available here and here.

If you’re interested in participating in or organizing a boat for a future race, leave a comment below!