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2011 Virtual Team Challenge starts tomorrow!

The Concept 2 Virtual Team Challenge starts tomorrow! Last year we fielded a team of 16 alumni for a total of 1.2 million meters. This year’s aim is to reach a mere 2 million. Every bit counts, so sign up today and get your erg on. Registration closes Jan 15. Make sure you’re registered for it as part of the U Chicago Alumni Crew.

We can’t reach 2 million without you. Hop on that erg and fight the battle of the bulge!


Alumni Row and BBQ recap

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend for making yet another great crew alumni reunion. I was happy to see some new faces this time around. The row had to be held off until Sunday but it was well worth the wait. The weather was gorgeous and perfect for a row downtown. I’ll try to get some pictures posted soon.

JVTC update

So far the alumni have logged over 400K as of this morning! We’re well on our way to breaking the 1 million meter mark. Heck, maybe we should go for 2 this year!
There’s still time to join and be a part of this event. If you have joined, start logging those meters!

Additional pictures

There are additional pictures of the Alumni Boat from the Head of the Schuylkill race over at the Sportgraphics website.

You can’t escape the erg.

A funny little video. I know we’ve all felt this way before!

1 Million Meters!

Will lasers fit on a boat?

Will lasers fit on a boat?

It’s finally happened! The alumni squad has passed the 1 million meter mark for the January Virtual Team Challenge!  Major thanks go to Matt Healy, Andy Soyring, and Albert Bowers for racking up the meters and helping us towards our goal! The student rowers are coming up quick though and may still pass us, so every meter we can log between now and Saturday at midnight will be important.

There are a few of you yet to log meters. No zeroes this year! Even if you can only erg 1000 meters, every little bit helps. And don’t forget that we’ll have a half marathon (21,000 meters) on Saturday, January 31st to end the event. Remember, erging helps keep you warm!

Don’t forget that this event also coincides with a fundraising effort. If you would like to pledge a flat or per-K amount, please contact me before February 5. I’ll send more details once the challenge is over.