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JVTC 2010 Wrap-up

So this year we had a total of 15 hard working participants who together rowed 1,230,579 meters! In all our team placed 94th out of 315 groups. Special props goes to Matt “Old Man River” Healy who blew all us younguns away with 325,235 meters and Albert “The Running Man” Bowers with 225,232 meters. I followed with a respectable 161,987 meters and dark-horse contender JJ Schrader clinched the fourth position with 137,200 meters.

It was an admirable effort from everyone. Sadly though we were unable to beat the Case Crew Alumni led by one of our own, the indefatigable Doug Rathburn. Next time everyone needs to start training by September to make sure we’re all in shape to beat them in the 2011 JVTC!

The complete list of participants included:

Matt Healy
Albert Bowers
Chris Noto
JJ Schrader
Ngiste Abebe
Memuna Khan
Sunit Singh
Patrick McElhone
Melissa Schwarz
Gregory Prince
Jeffrey Hreben
Susan Liebell
Miles Betley
Ann Marie Gawel
Andrea Chen

Awesome job everyone! I know some of you have not stepped on an erg in a while. Thanks to everyone for another successful team challenge.


One million meters!

Will lasers fit on a boat?

We have once again passed the one million meter mark! Currently standing at 1,013,358 meters. There are only 4 days left in the challenge, so keep up the good work everyone. Let’s squeeze out a few more meters from these old legs!

JVTC Update #2

Over two weeks down and over 700,000 meters so far! This leaves just 11 days to break 1 million. Let’s keep up the good work everyone!

Have you signed up yet?

The January Virtual Erg Challenge is underway! We have 8 people signed up so far. Let’s get a few more.

So the challenge is under way and the alumni team is boasting a respectable 8 members at present. If you’ve signed up to be on the team double check to make sure that you’re signed up for the challenge itself as well. This option is under the “challenges” tab on your logbook. If you’re not signed up for the alumni team, well, what’s wrong with you? Get cracking.
Last year we put together 750km. I think that this year we should aim for at least 1 million meters. We’ve got the numbers to do it, even with Matt Healy weighing us down. Right, best of luck to you all!


January Virtual Challenge

You know, it only comes ’round once a year. From the distinguished Dr. Bowers:

It IS THAT time. Time for the Concept 2 January Virtual Erg Challenge. Last year, with 15 people on the team, the alumni placed 50th/250 teams, beating the students by more than 700km. I think we can have an even more impressive showing this year if we can get 100% participation just off of this FB group. So create… a profile on Concept 2s website and sign up for the challenge. Our team is ‘open’ so you can add yourself on. Start logging meters on 1/1/10. This year we’ll kick off our participation with a 6k piece on the 1st and end it with a long piece on the 31st: your choice, an hour of power or a half marathon. Let the trash talk begin!

See the results from last year.

I’m signed up, are you?

The results are in!

This year saw one of the most successful virtual team challenges ever. On the alumni side we had 15 participants–much more than at any time before–who together rowed 1,477,852 meters, where we placed 50th out of 250 teams. Not too shabby for our little team! Big thanks again go to Matt Healy, Andy Soyring, and Albert Bowers, who logged the most meters for our team. Us old folks have drive. With only 702,380 meters the student team wasn’t quite able to match our total, but in all fairness they had far fewer rowers participating. Together both teams rowed 2,180,232 meters!

This year’s event was held with a fundraising goal as well. So far we only have a few people who have pledged support and we are a little shy of the $1000 fundraising goal I set for this challenge. I know these are tough economic times, so any small amount you can donate would be much appreciated. All procedes collected from this year’s event will be placed in the new Alumni Fund, which will help form a new financial basis for the team and provide money in support of the team’s activities, including events for alumni. Please send checks directly to the team, written out to “University of Chicago Crew”. Remember to write January Erg Challenge in the memo line so we know who to thank!  Al checks can be mailed to:

University of Chicago Gerald Ratner Center
5530 S. Ellis, Rm 141
Chicago, IL 60637

The team will also be participating in the the Chicago Indoor Rowing Championships on February 28th. If you’re in the area and can stop by to cheer them on or even provide goodies to the rowers, please do!

Thanks for all your support!

Two additional challenges!

For those of you participating in the January Virtual Team Challenge, we came up with a couple of ideas to help motivate you in all those lonely hours on the erg:

1) If we can get everyone to complete a 6K piece by Monday in order to give out meter total an added boost while the student rowers try to catch up; and

2) On January 31st (or thereabouts) get everyone to complete a half-marathon (~21,000 meters) to push us over the top!

Onwards and upwards!

If you have any ideas for additional challenges during the month to help keep us all motivated, please let me know.