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January Virtual Challenge

You know, it only comes ’round once a year. From the distinguished Dr. Bowers:

It IS THAT time. Time for the Concept 2 January Virtual Erg Challenge. Last year, with 15 people on the team, the alumni placed 50th/250 teams, beating the students by more than 700km. I think we can have an even more impressive showing this year if we can get 100% participation just off of this FB group. So create… a profile on Concept 2s website and sign up for the challenge. Our team is ‘open’ so you can add yourself on. Start logging meters on 1/1/10. This year we’ll kick off our participation with a 6k piece on the 1st and end it with a long piece on the 31st: your choice, an hour of power or a half marathon. Let the trash talk begin!


See the results from last year.

I’m signed up, are you?